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Become the Safest. Most qualified. Sovereigns.

Become a TÜV certified Botulinum Toxin & Filler Injector now – for more safety and quality and set yourself apart from the competition!

We want to create a standard in aesthetic medicine that stands for the best quality, that distinguishes doctors and that patients can use as a guide.

Take part in our 8-part theoretical and practical training and become a TÜV certified Botulinum Toxin & Filler Injector.

Already heard from the
Filler driver’s license?

A bus driver needs a driver’s license!

A doctor who has never performed botulinum toxin and filler treatments does not need training?

We offer the first TÜV certified training for physicians. Become a “Certified Botulinum Toxin & Filler Injector” now!

The training

To achieve the TÜV certified Botulinum Toxin and Filler Injector, all 5 course modules (F1-F5) must be completed both theoretically and practically.

You already have previous experience and want to become a TÜV certified Botulinum Toxin & Filler Injector? In a personal technical discussion, we determine which modules you can skip based on your prior knowledge. Request a technical discussion now!

TÜV certification

An examination success with TÜV certificate

After successfully passing the exam, the participant receives an official certificate issued by TÜV Austria. This certificate not only confirms passing the exam, but also represents specialized knowledge and the practical skills to perform injections safely and effectively.

Another great advantage of the TÜV certificate is its visibility in the official TÜV certification register. Upon positive completion to become a TÜV certified Botulinum Toxin & Filler Injector , graduates will be listed there.

The TÜV certificate is not only a success for the individual exam participant. The introduction of this certification standard will create new standards for botulinum toxin & filler treatment, ultimately leading to improved safety and quality.

Why become a TÜV Injector?

Expert knowledge

At The Filler Academy, we teach expertly tested content that is reviewed and created by external certification partners such as ISBF – consisting of physicians with years of experience. Thus, we can guarantee the accuracy of our content.

Safety for your patients

To be able to guarantee your patients safety during treatment, extensive training is essential. As a TÜV certified Botulinum Toxin & Filler Injector, you will have sufficient knowledge to confidently perform treatments and care for your patients with sufficient competence.

Stand out from the competition

The market of Botox & Filler treatments is constantly growing. But how can a patient find the most qualified doctor among the wide range of options? As a TÜV certified Botulinum Toxin & Filler Injector – with completed, extensive training, you stand out from the competition. Become a certified injector now to gain the trust of new patients.

FAQs about the TÜV Injector

The TÜV certified Botulinum Toxin and Filler Injector is the completion of an 8-step training program
(5 online courses, 3 hands-on courses) as part of The Filler Academy.

To receive this certification, you must successfully complete a total of all 8 parts (F1-F5, Online & Hands-On), as well as provide proof of at least 100 treatments. If you have fulfilled this, you can expect a certification exam, which includes both a practical and a theoretical part.

If you do not pass the exam the first time, you have the possibility to take it 2 more times. So you have a total of 3 entry options.

The certification is valid for 2 years. Subsequently, a recertification is necessary, which you will receive with the Premium Membership.


Our certification partners

Our certification from TÜV and ISBF – the international society for botulinum toxin and filler treatments, ensures the safety and quality of The Filler Academy.

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