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What is
The Filler Academy?

The Filler Academy has been providing training in the safe and successful treatment of botulinum toxin & fillers for over 12 years.

With hands-on experience from more than 30,000 treatments, our team has been the go-to source for training on the safe use of botulinum toxin and fillers for years.

The Filler Academy is aimed at all licensed physicians who wish to further their education in this field and meet the growing patient demand.

We offer 3 course opportunities:

TÜV certified training

We offer the world’s first TÜV certified botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid filler training. Our mission: Creating safety through knowledge. For doctors and patients.

The 8-part course includes both 5 online modules and 3 hands-on modules where practical skills are taught. The theoretical and practical final examination is the culmination of the training course, which must be recertified every 3 years via TÜV.

All our courses can of course be booked individually as usual.

Our courses

F1 – Botox & Filler Essentials

Our beginner’s course on botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injections provides the basic knowledge for the safe application of botulinum toxin (Botox®, Bocouture®, Dysport, Letybo®) and hyaluronic acid.

Main focus: Frown line, forehead wrinkle, crow’s feet, nasolabial fold, treatment of superficial wrinkles.

F2 – All About Lips

The content of this expert course revolves around the topic of lips. From necessary anatomical knowledge, to popular techniques like the Lip Flip are taught here.

Emphasis: Upper and lower lip anatomy, Gummy Smile, Lip Flip, Russian Lips, corners of mouth.

F3 – Full Face Botox & Filler Expert

In the expert course Full Face Botox & Filler you learn how to analyze and treat the face as a whole. Proper planning, choice of products and technology lead to satisfied patients.

Emphasis: Injection and analysis of temple, midface, tear trough, jawline / Texas Face and chin.

F4 – Anatomy Full Face Expert

The current, three-dimensional knowledge of anatomy provides safety during treatment and ensures reproducible results. The anatomical knowledge impressively conveyed in compact videos.

Emphasis: Vascular anatomy, mimic muscle anatomy, bone and adipose tissue anatomy.

F5 – Complication Manager
Now bookable

Complications following filler treatments are rapidly increasing worldwide. We show how to safely treat and also prevent possible complications in the short and long term.

Emphasis: Acute complications-vessel occlusion, swelling, hematoma, and nodule formation; Long-term complications-dislocation, migration, swelling, and immune system responses.

S1 – Shadow Day

Would you like to gain an insight into the daily routine of Dr. Rolf Bartsch? On Shadow Day, you will accompany him exclusively for one day at every turn.

Main focus: Setting up consultation, facial analysis and creating a treatment plan, practice tips.

Andrea ScharlerAndrea Scharler
16:25 09 Sep 22
Professioneller und toll aufgebauter Kurs in angenehmer Atmosphäre und wunderschönen Räumlichkeiten. An die Theorie knüpft ein supertolles Hands-On Training unter Supervision an. Dabei wurden bei beiden Fortbildungen (MC I und MC II) viele praxisorientierte Tipps und Tricks vermittelt. Besonders beeindruckt haben mich die "natürlichen", sehr ästhetischen Ergebnisse der Modelle.Weiters bin ich für die Möglichkeit unkompliziert via WhatsApp auf Fragen rasch Antworten zu bekommen sehr dankbar!Herzlichen Dank nochmals an das gesamte Team!
Ulrike WeinerUlrike Weiner
09:25 01 Aug 22
Lernen von den Besten!Ich bin Wahlärztin für Allgemeinmedizin und hatte das Vergnügen, zusammen mit weiteren KollegInnen aus ganz Österreich am Fillertraining von Hr. Dr. R. Bartsch teilzunehmen. Nachdem Anatomiekenntnisse aufgefrischt und aktualisiert wurden, ging es an die Praxis! Mit Dr. Bartsch an meiner Seite fühlte ich mich sehr sicher und konnte die verschiedenen Infiltrationstechniken in aller Ruhe üben. Meine Modelle sind mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden! Ich kann nur jedem meiner KollegInnen , die im Bereich der ästhetischen Medizin arbeiten empfehlen, sich das Fillertraining bei Dr. R. Bartsch zu gönnen. Happy patient, happy doc!
Gerald JahlGerald Jahl
15:26 18 Jun 22
Wunderbare 2 Kursteile am Freitag und Samstag. Hr Dr Bartsch besticht durch Kompetenz, Didaktik und Sympathie. Er geht hervorragend auf Patienten ein und hat die Gabe komplexe Dinge einfach und nachhaltig zu transportieren. Danke!
Ingmar AignerIngmar Aigner
12:49 18 Jun 22
Ich kann die Trainings von Dr. Bartsch und seinem Team wirklich empfehlen. Theorie und Praxis werden sehr gut vermittelt und geben dadurch Sicherheit für die ersten Anwendungen in der eigenen Praxis. Top!!!
Jennifer DietzJennifer Dietz
04:45 30 Apr 22
Lehrreicher und auch kurzweiliger Kurs, den ich gerne weiter empfehlen kann. Dr. Bartsch und sein Team kümmern sich sehr gut um die Teilnehmer. Sowohl im Theorie- als auch im Praxisteil werden Grundwissen und viele Insider Tipps vermittelt. Der Praxisteil bietet zudem viele Möglichkeiten die anderen Teilnehmer und Probanden zu beobachten und Fragen zu stellen, was die spätere Umsetzung in der eigenen Praxis sicher erleichtert. Vielen Dank! Ich komme gerne zu den anderen Kursen wieder.

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Dr. Rolf Bartsch
Dr. Rolf Bartsch, specialist in plastic surgery, completed his training on 3 continents and completed a fellowship of the Dutch Association for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

For the past 12 years, he has focused exclusively on aesthetic medicine. After managing two clinics and with the experience of over 3,500 aesthetic surgeries and 30,000 aesthetic treatments, he founded He passes on his knowledge nationally and internationally as a speaker and exclusively for
Dr. Katrin Bartsch

Dr. Katrin Bartsch is a general practitioner with over 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. She has made exactly that her goal, after which probably the majority of mankind longs: To be naturally beautiful and to maintain this beauty even longer.

With over 15,000 injections and aesthetic treatments, she has a wealth of experience like few others, which she passes on to our participants with enthusiasm and empathy.

Dr. Konstantin Frank

Dr. med. univ. Konstantin Frank has been studying the anatomy of the face for nearly a decade.

Driven by the desire to make minimally invasive, as well as aesthetic surgical treatments safer and more efficient, and to be able to explain the anatomy of the face to as many people as possible in an understandable way, he was allowed to work and learn closely with luminaries in facial anatomy and plastic surgery at a very young age. Collaboration with Prof. Sebastian Cotofana has resulted in more than 135 publications in the field of aesthetic surgery and facial anatomy.

Pamela Dolezal, MAS

Pamela Dolezal is your contact for bookings and scheduling of our Botox & Filler courses.

Through her many years of experience, she has the all-round view and will assist you in word and deed.


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